Princess of Darkness

You enter the small hallway and begin to walk forward towards where Mistress is standing, only to be stopped short by a curt order to remain where you are.

‘You have done your part by arriving’ Mistress informs you. ‘Now let me do my part by taking control of all you do and say…….even to the extent of colouring the thoughts that go through your head. Relax and transfer this control to me and we will begin our journey together.’

Mistress looks at you and although her lips widen in a smile, her eyes look as cold as dark, iced water.

‘Step forward, strip and then approach me on hands and knees!’ she orders.

When shackles have been fixed to wrists and ankles, a wide and heavy leather collar is buckled around your throat. A short choke chain is placed over this and finally a thick chain leash is clipped onto this choke chain and pulled tight, so that you gasp and involutarily raise your hands towards your throat.

‘Lower your hands!’ snaps Mistress.

Once you have obeyed, Mistress loosens the chain a little and orders you to stand.

‘Now we are approaching the point of no return’ purrs Mistress, leading you towards the dungeon door. ‘We are not there yet, but once you descend those stone steps, you cannot go back. Are you afraid?’

At Mistress’s orders, you rise and stand at the top of a flight of rough steps, each one faintly illuminated by a single flickering candle and leading down into what looks like darkness. ARE you afraid? You pause to examine your emotions and can honestly say No! A little apprehensive and nervous, but no real fear as yet.

You half turn to tell Mistress this, but as you meet her eyes, some strange trick of the light suddenly transforms the pupils into blood red fire and you start and falter, your gaze earnestly searching for an explanation of the phenomenon. You blink and look again and the eyes have returned to that look of cold, unfathomable darkness.

How very strange! Surely those red flames you saw were some reflection from the guttering candles? Some unexplained freak effect that lasted a second and then was gone?

With a sudden thrill of real unease and uncertainty, you begin the descent into the underground dungeon.