My Craft

Safe, Realistic Scening

Verbal and physical humiliation at all levels. Mistresses specialty. She will discover your weaknesses and just loves turning you into a whining object.

Psychological play. Come and try the terrors of the ‘mindfold.’ What then? Wait and see.

Tie and tease/witholdance/Shibari. Experience the sensation of being bound and totally helpless while a leather or satin corseted and booted Mistress relentlessly teases you and yet denies you release.

Whipping, flogging, caning, cropping etc. All levels of play from soft and caressing to hard and brutal.

Chains and shackles with authentic iron balls and chains once used in Victorian jails. A large cellar dungeon with stone floors and lit only by candlelight. Victorian lanterns and candle sconces.

Caging/Imprisonment in a dark stone floored cellar. Imagine yourself naked and thrust into a cage. You cannot stand, kneel or straighten your legs. Slowly the antique lanterns are extinguished to leave a darkness so intense that you feel you can touch it with your hand. You hear Her heels clicking up the stone steps then a door slams and you are alone. It is perfectly silent. Your eyes search the blackness trying to find some speck of light. you begin to feel cold. Is that something moving in that far corner or is it the sound of your own heart?

CBT. Mistress knows that she does not have to mark you to administer pain.

Water sports

Anal play and training including figging or butt plugs and strap ons of varying sizes.

Serious or mild pain as required. Play does not have to be about severe pain. Tell Mistress your limits and leave the rest to her!

Breath play / withholdance. Mistress does not indulge in extreme breath play and will not use plastic bags and/or breathing tubes of any kind.

Sensual and terrifying blade play with a large selection of knives from an eighteen inch Bowie and a machete to tiny razor sharp Phillipino fighting blades. Please take note that this does NOT include breaking the skin unless negotiated at time of booking.

Scarification and Scratching. I practice safe bloodletting, sterilise all equipment and always wear disposable gloves to ensure a safe, risk free encounter on both sides.

Chastity control/training.

Sensory deprivation/Clingfilm and body wraps. Clingfilmed, hooded or mindfolded, zipped into a body bag.

Objectification. Mistress will not only use you as her table or footstool but will treat you as an inanimate object to be kicked or ignored at her whim.

Wax and ice play. A wonderful mixture of sensations.

Age play. Want to be Mommy’s little girl or boy? Mistress will caress and reward you for good behavior, punish and spank you severely for being naughty, change you, scold you and tell you stories.

Schoolroom play. Authentic Victorian desks are used and pupils can expect to be treated harshly while a severely but sexily dressed Mistress instills manners and good behaviour.


JCP. Mistress alone or two Dommes/s in attendance if required. Half hour sessions are available. Please take note that two Dommes will incur extra rates.

Forced feminisation. Mistress has lots of sexy silk and satin lingerie in all sizes and after ordering you to dress in sexually revealing clothing will train you in all areas of forced feminisation. You can expect to be taught how to walk, sit and act like the slut you really are

TV maid training. Learn how to walk, stand, curtsy and how to carry a tray and serve food and drink perfectly. Learn how to clean and dust to the high standard that Mistress sets. Neatness, docility and quick learning will earn rewards. Slowness, stupidity and clumsiness will earn a beating.

Shopping trips

Sensuous and relaxing none painful play. Relax and savour the delights of gentle none painful play with a wide variety of toys and techniques.

Foot and boot/shoe worship. Red patent thigh boots with a glass platform and silver studded heels? Black leather thigh boots with buckles? Silver thigh boots? Beautifully manicured toes in red patent peep toe stilettos? The taste of skin as you suck those toes one at a time?

Face sitting/bottom worship.

Harsh and strict Victorian scenarios including authentic dress for both myself and a maid.

Blackmail. If Mistress agrees to do this you will be expected to sign an agreement that you are entering into the contract of your own free will.

Old School D/s or Gorean training/coaching/TPE. online, via telephone, email, postal services and face to face. (Fourteen years experience, seven real-time)

Two dom/me sessions with either male and female, or female and female. (Take note that higher rates will apply)

Hypnosis (two years training.)

Life coaching/counselling/psychodynamic counselling (three years training.)